Quote wall

“To stare at the sun is to know, to stare at the moon is to wonder. How can I look at you and choose one or the other?” – SM, 2021

“If we really weren’t savages, we would take the shells off of the shrimp before putting them in a gumbo. That way we could eat it comfortably without having to worry about crunching on an exo-skeleton.” – JH, 2020

“How can a man casually enter a vehicle that he can pull the weight of? If I can budge it, I’m not getting in it – that’s my take.” – NH, 2020

“Late, doesn’t even begin until 1.” – CC, 2020

“I remember my first time blacking out pretty vividly.” – CL, 2020

“Imagine getting every present you’ve ever wanted, and finding out Santa Clause isn’t real at the same time.” – CL, 2019

“You’re a glass half empty, that they filled back up.” – JM, 2019

“I don’t give a fuck when you were born, how old are you?” – Guy in a Shawarma shop, 2019

“Tonight is not the night to stumble upon your self righteousness.” – CL, 2019

“I whistle loud cause’ I grew up whistling. Whistling to songs, whistling to birds… you can’t talk to a bird using words.” – Stranger in a drug store, 2019

“Ukki na thukki na jhakki na.” – Stranger in a mall, 2018

“People rarely die over a broken heart, broken balls are a different story.” – GA, 2018

“What’s an unstoppable force on an infinite timeline?” – JM, 2018

“How would one go about making fake leather? I’m asking for a friend.” – LJ, 2018

“I don’t really meet anyone that I like right off the bat anymore, it could be a product of the times, or my age, or maybe a combination thereof.” – JM, 2018

“I’ll be in the real world soon, with a real job. ‘What program are you in?’ will change into ‘What do you do for a living?’ and I don’t feel like that’s any better.” – OM, 2018

“I think, that Shakespeare would have been deadly with a camera.” – AH, 2018

“Coffee is like women, it’s impossible to have only one.” – Diner Waitress to CH, 2018

“It’s good he tried to challenge me saying that the earth isn’t flat, it is the sign of an intelligent mind to entertain a topic without accepting it.” – L, 2018

“Would you marry a girl who was really into kickboxing… but didn’t practice it?” – AH, 2018

“Lately I’ve gotten kind of tired of running on a hedonistic treadmill. So, if there’s anything boring you want to do that doesn’t involve substances, I’m in.” – TF, 2018

“Lets have a little you and me… a little me and you… you know… a little two way action.” “You mean sex?” “Yeah.” – OM, to himself, 2018

“When I look at the people that have made it to old age, I start to wonder why I quit smoking.” – SED, 2018

“If this guy wants to come at me I’ll fucking kill him. I don’t fear death, which gives me the edge in both life and fortnight.” – AR, 2018

“I’m giving this place bad google reviews. They took away our ketchup mid meal, served our drinks in red solo cups, and didn’t even offer us any cocaine.” – CL, 2017

“Why is it that every car that passes you by while on acid is a fucking airplane?” – AH, 2017

“Koreans are the Italians of the Asians.” – AR, 2017

“I have both a Harley and a Ninja, you use em’ for different things.” “What different things?” “One is for cruisin’ and the other is for losing your licence.” – RJ to CH, 2017

“Acting like James Bond all day can be hard man, but, if being bold were easy… everyone would do it.” – AR, 2017

“I’ve been feeling really good lately and I don’t really know why. It could be that I’ve been jerking off less, hitting a punching bag, and smoking cigarettes… but, maybe not.” – AH, 2017

“Do you know why grilled peaches are better than regular peaches? Because I’m allergic to regular peaches but I can eat the grilled ones.” – Stranger in a Waterloo Bar, 2017

“What is DMT like?” “Imagine being inspector gadget, but having no idea who inspector gadget is.” – Queens student to CH, 2017

“The production value is fantastic, but the words mean nothing to me.” “Don’t worry, I’m actually french and they mean nothing to me either.” (Regarding a french rap song) – LB to SED, 2017

“I don’t know why bigger guys seem to fear me. But then again, the elephant is afraid of the mouse, and 10 rabid dogs can take down the fiercest lion.” – AR, 2017

“That’s why guys that don’t get laid have existential crises, they aren’t following their evolutionary path.” – SED, 2017

“How much different would that interaction have been if they were all 10’s? I guess we’ll never know.” – AR, 2017

“That’s honestly what I liked about her, you can start a family with that sort of unadulterated pussy.” – MN, 2017

“White wine is delicious with ice, but do you know what’s better? Sparkling rosé with ice. To your social norms I say blasphemy.” – MM, 2017

” ‘Now I’m definitely getting a salad.’ A sentence rarely ever heard.” – OM, 2017

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