Are You Watching?

Are you watching?

As I do that, of which I know you won’t approve?

As I kill an hour haplessly, when time has yet to move?

As I stash away umbrellas, and go walking in the rain?

As I reap and sow a sorrow, from the habits I’ve ingrained?

As I shout apothegms at strangers, just to feel alive?

As I try and fail to match, the expectations I’m ascribed?

Are you watching?

As I do the things, I know will make you beam?

As I take a shot of gallantry, without making a scene?

As I blunder through a morning, that for you would be a cinch?

As I chop the garlic quickly, so much coarser than a mince?

As I a spark a conversation, to find souls that are aglow?

As I stumble onto countless truths, that you already know?

And are you watching?

As I see the stars, without feeling despair?

As I board a cosmic gondola, and haven’t paid the fare?

As I slap a lightning bolt, out of the cloud that it impales?

As I catch Jörmungandr, by the moon, and force-feed him his tail?

If you tell me that you’re watching…

…Then I’ll know it to be true

And I’ll pilgrimage the secret paths, if you leave me the clues

If you tell me you aren’t watching…

Then, well…

…You’ve certainly forgot

That your watchful eyes, are by my side, whether you like it or not.

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